Electro​-​Orgoustic Music (1995)

by Benge

602 06:04
541 05:43
530 05:31
713 07:13
449 04:49
759 07:59
526 05:26


Re-issue of Benge's debut solo album, first released in 1995. Download includes a PDF version of the original CD packaging artwork

From Benge:
In 1994 I decided to begin a journey writing and recording solo studio albums in which I would explore new sounds and melodies coaxed from my small collection of vintage electronic instruments. I decided to avoid too many standard musical and rhythmic tropes, and to try and form a personalised version of what was becoming known as Electronica (a sub-genre of experimental electronic music falling somewhere between IDM and ambient music)

The main equipment I had at the time was a Moog Modular 3C, a Minimoog, an EMS VCS3, an Akai S950 sampler, a Lexicon LXP1 reverb / delay and a somewhat chaotic array of acoustic instruments including clarinet, piano and double bass, none of which I could really play. These acoustic instruments were treated and manipulated with the various electronic devices. Everything was recorded and sequenced with an Apple Mac running Opcode Studio Vision and a couple of 40MB hard drives. The result was this album of unnamed tracks, and the succession of albums which I have released since then


released September 4, 2020

Recorded by Benge at Expanding Studios, Essex, UK

Photography and design Hugo Cariss

Benge is Managed by Steve Malins (Random Management)

(c)1995 Expanding Records. Published by Memesongs


all rights reserved



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