Mirror Systems

by Benge

Arpor 05:12
Mirroog 04:08
Mirrula 03:40
Forror 04:18
Birror 04:43
Mirroha 04:38
Buchror 07:38
Sergor 04:12


Mirror Systems by Benge

Download includes 11 page full colour booklet!

This album features a series of solo improvisations on modular synthesisers. On occasion some additional ancillary equipment was used (see below) to augment the sound. A video is available to watch entitled “Benge Mirror Systems” which documents the improvisations. Some of the tracks presented here were edited slightly for the purpose of creating a satisfactory album-flow

Tracklisting and description:

01 - Arpor. Created on a vintage ARP 2500 from 1971. In addition some reverberation (Emu Modular spring-type) was used and a monophonic digital delay line (Yamaha D1500)

02 - Mirroog. Featuring the Moog Modular 3C from the late 1960s. No other sounds used

03 - Mirrula. Created on a cloned version of the Buchla 200, designed in the 1970s in California, these modules are based upon the original schematics of Don Buchla’s circuits. No other sounds used

04 - Forror. The system used was a late 1970s Elektor Formant, a large format system made in Germany. In addition a vintage (1990s) TC Electronic M5000 dual reverberation system was employed

05 - Birror. Created on a vintage Buchla 100 modular system from the late 1960s. No other sounds were used

06 - Mirroha. Made with a 1977 Yamaha CS30. This synthesiser was Yamaha’s answer to compact complete systems such as the Buchla Music Easel and EMS VCS3. It contains 2 VCOs, 2 VCFs, 3 envelopes, an 8 step sequencer, 2 VCAs, LFO and other sundry elements. In addition, some reverberation and fx were added (Yamaha SPX90 phaser and TC Electronic M5000)

07 - Buchror. Another study on the Buchla 200

08 - Sergor. Made on the Serge Modular, a large 8 panel system containing mostly early ‘paperface’ modules, and some later STS-era ones

Total running time: 39 minutes


released August 7, 2020

All music and design by Benge (Ben Edwards) (c)2020 Expanding Records

Thanks to Steve Malins (Steve@random management)

Published by Memesongs


all rights reserved



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