Forms 7 - Topological Landscapes

by Benge

Millitrees 06:08
Galaxy Fold 14:02


Download includes 8-page PDF booklet

This is the seventh instalment of Benge’s Forms Series, in which he creates an album of music utilising a single instrument. In this case he used a self contained modular synthesizer created by the Canadian manufacturer Modcan. The system contains various modules made by Modcan and Cyndustries in what is known as the Modcan-A Format. These modules were made between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s and all share the same basic dimensions, voltage requirements and patching format. The Modcan philosophy is one of high quality, precision circuitry combined with the flexibility gained from banana cable patching, which allows for extremely complex sound contruction and sequencing

The system used here has approximately 10 VCOs of varying kinds, including analogue, FM and digital waveforms, 10 filters of various types, 2 samplers, 3 sequencers, 10 VCAs and 10 envelopes, noise and random generators, 4 mixers, clocking and trigger generators and processors, 4 VC delay units, phasers, frequency shifters, wave shapers, and many more unique logic-function modules, such as dividers, Boolian logic, flip-flops, comparators, and the like. The Modcan-A also allows for outboard effects units to be patched into the system, and on this recording a Boss SE-70 Multi-FX, produced in 1995, was integrated into various parts of the signal chain during the composition process


released March 5, 2019

This album was realised on the Modcan-A series Modular synthesiser
All music and imagery by Benge
Made at Memetune Studios, England
(c)+(p) Memetune Recordings (Memesongs) 2019
All rights reserved

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all rights reserved



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